If it’s about steak ...

We choose natural products from all over the world and oberserve their production very accurate. Our philosophy is modern because we focus on our guest’s well-being. We connect a wide spectrum of specialities with unique quality.

We also have housemade vegetarian meals!

Best quality since 50 years.

Tradition meets modern spirit

We care for our guest. We want to create a special moment for you. That’s why we attach great importance to perfect quality of our dishes. Modern service meets traditional, natural production.

Summer beneath palm trees.

We choose only the best natural products from 5 continents and prepare them for you. That’s how EKU INN and GARDEN INN create a worldwide range of culinary highlights JUST FOR YOU. Enjoy our natural specialities in our unique garden.
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Färberstraße 39, 90402 Nürnberg
We’re open from 11:30am – 10:30pm.
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0911 225069
We guarantee the best quality with our seal of quality.